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on 2015-01-14 06:03

Wooden railsets, different brands, all compatible!

from Wikipedia:

'A wide range of wooden trainsets, wooden trains and railway track & accessories are compatible with each other and with the best-known brands, such as Brio.'
'The most famous and one of the oldest manufactures of wooden trains is BRIO of Sweden. When they settled on a wooden track design that incorporates groves in the wood at a particular depth, width and distance apart, those dimensions became the industry standard. This industry standard, which also includes the jigsaw puzzle style connections, is technically called the Vario-System.'

'The Vario-System allows track pieces to be assembled easily in any combination as varying lengths and shapes of track can be fit together to make simple or complex layouts. Compatible accessories, such as bridges, tunnels, and buildings, all use the Vario-System allowing them to be incorporated into the layout.'

'Now many new manufactures such as Maxim, Whittle, Safari, and Maple Landmark, provide affordable and exciting trains, track, and accessories that are Vario-system compatible making them interchangeable with Thomas and BRIO.'