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on 2012-11-11 06:00
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In november 2012 we were invited to Vienna for a one-day OS workshop.

Participants were asked to disassemble a number of used electrical appliances to then puzzle new appliances with the individual components. The results display first 'drafts' of what could become open modular appliances. 
The next step would then be to redesign all of the individual components by 'syncing' their dimensions and assembly points to the OS grid so that it would become possible to disassemble for example a fan, a coffee grinder and an ironer to then build an orange squeezer from some of their components.

Many thanks to Anita Peretti, Bernhard Ranner, Isaac Monte, Nataša Sienčnik, Thomas_Traxler and Kickie Chudikova for their kind collaboration.

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