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OS > Scaffolding by Lukas Wegwerth

on 2013-05-04 08:35

'We liked the functions and potential of scaffolding. 
So we adopted, expanded and made them open!'

Scaffolding systems are specialized, enclosed and consistent. In comparison OS Scaffold is open and ragtag. Basic elements are pipes, connector knots and endpieces.

Pipes can be any material and become customized with different endpieces. Connector knots can be added all along the pipes and again be quickly customized by exchanging its stackable parts. 

Appearance and specification can vary from heavy duty steel construction to light wood and fabric structures. Quick setup, growing range of compatible elements and the possible use and reuse of different materials leads to a highly customizable system.

Beyond temporary structures we also see potential for a gradual developing architecture, which grows over longer periods from temporary to permanent, always driven by the needs and dreams and ideas of the inhabitants 

The project is ongoing. Currently we are working on the realization of a first experimental setup existing of communal space and workshop on the ground floor and a terrace and tent-like structures as private spaces on first floor.

OS scaffolding is a design proposal of Lukas Wegwerth in collaboration with Thomas Lommée and Christiane Hoegner. It has been developed as the second OS apprenticeship project at the OS work_shop in Brussels. (the first OS apprenticeship project being the OS WaterBoiler by Jesse Howard)

various construction knots

Visualization of how parts relate to the OS grid.

First concept sketch by Lukas Wegwerth.