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OS > interactive manual for Mobilotoop

on 2014-01-09 11:43
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In this video, software and the Internet are used to make production and design knowledge more accessible. The manual in this example was created on the basis of the 3D CAD model, which was also used in the engineering phase. This model can be used by documentation designers to make different types of 3D CAD user manuals. Once the 3D CAD manual is finished, it is published on a free database, ready to be downloaded. It grants the user access to complex industrial knowledge, technical drawings, LCA reports and much more. The manual can easily be downloaded onto smart phones, tablets or PCs. Its easy accessibility opens up possibilities for a more collaborative 'open' production model. The example in the video is a DIY assembly manual for toys and a bike with modular parts. It is linked to the Belgian mobility project Mobilotoop

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