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OS > Etcetera by Maud Bausier

on 2014-08-18 16:47
Posted in: OS explorations .

In today's world where everything goes faster and faster, where images and products are made available to us by the thousands, the project rethinks the way we consume and tries to integrate the idea of a temporary nature in design practice. In other words, it thinks about what things become next. The aim is to avoid letting them go to waste or to prevent unnecessary storage.

The base of the project is to explore the possibility of a constructive system that works for the interior in the same way as the Lego system. 

The assembly and disassembly matters more than disposable bindings and the main function of furniture created with the system is to adapt to all situations and all needs.

The constructive principle develops three points: 

1. Using a forever renewable fixation (or joining) system.
2. Allowing a greater possibility of catching points. 
3. Defining a components range that can be endlessly completed.

All individual parts are designed from the OS grid.”

Maud Bausier