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on 2011-07-13 20:22
Posted in: OS explorations .
We mounted an aluminium frame on the rear end of a vintage Piaggio Ape.
The cube as well as the ground plate of this rear end were designed and built according to the OS grid 
(the cube measures 120x120x120cm, consists out of aluminium tubes of 4x4cm and has 5mm perforations every 4cm).

The vehicle is now travelling through 5 Belgian cities, where 5 groups of students will build further on the vehicle / cube (each time giving it a different function) under the supervision of a different artist. At the end of this road trip the different installations will be brought together, disassembled and reconfigurated with one another.

To be continued ...

Concept & reconversion 
by Thomas Lommée and Jo Van Bostraeten