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on 2010-02-17 16:10
A series of 'hardware hacks' that crossed my path.

A lot of these hacks were found at

"Anytime anyone anywhere has used duct tape, zip-ties and bubble gum to hold something together with just enough tensile strength to not instantly kill everyone in the room…that’s a kludge. Whether it was to get your first car, which was older than you, to last another month or simply to avoid having to buy new headphones, almost everyone has kludged something. We just encourage taking photos for e-fame."

What all of these hacks have in common is that each of them tells a kind of personal story, they all add a human layer to the mass-produced, as if you can almost hear the cursing or laughter of the people who performed the hacks.

Customizing by adapting one or more components.

Customizing by transforming the function of the object

Customizing by replacing one or more components.