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OS > Etcetera by Maud Bausier

on 2014-08-18 15:47
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In today's world where everything goes faster and faster, where images and products are made available to us by the thousands, the project rethinks the way we consume and tries to integrate the idea of a temporary nature in design practice. In other words, it thinks about what things become next. The aim is to avoid letting them go to waste or to prevent unnecessary storage.

The base of the project is to explore the possibility of a constructive system that works for the interior in the same way as the Lego system. 

The assembly and disassembly matters more than disposable bindings and the main function of furniture created with the system is to adapt to all situations and all needs.

The constructive principle develops three points: 

1. Using a forever renewable fixation (or joining) system.
2. Allowing a greater possibility of catching points. 
3. Defining a components range that can be endlessly completed.

All individual parts are designed from the OS grid.”

Maud Bausier

OS > scenography for the 'Designing scarcity' exhibition

on 2014-08-17 19:36
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A series of modular scenography proposals for the 'Designing Scarcity' exhibition at Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam. All table structures are based on a sandwich construction of wooden plates that hold metal tubes. All modular elements have been designed from the OpenStructures grid. 

Scenography design by Christiane HoegnerThomas Lommée and Martin Faerber.
Exhibition pictures by Johannes Schwartz.

After the exhibition was finished, all scenography components were reused in a workshop at which participants disassembled all exhibition structures and used the individual parts to build new designs they could then take away with them.

All workshop pictures by Matthijs Immink. 

Various other design proposals ...

We like > Dowel blocks

on 2014-01-13 00:55
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Dowel blocks joined by doweling to create multiple shapes, fun polyester decorative plywood blocks can be joined with doweling to form various shapes – the only limit is your imagination. Holes on five sides allows the blocks to be connected three-dimensionally in an infinite number of ways."
A Ichiro design / Torafu-Architects project

OS > Active City truck

on 2014-01-10 16:39
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Active city truck was a design proposal for a multifunctional vehicle by Brussels Cooperation in collaboration with Thomas Lommée and Jo Van Bostraeten. All add-ons were designed from the OS grid.
Unfortunately the van never left the drawing board. 
Commissioned by parckdesign 2014.

OS > augmented workshop for Mobilotoop

on 2014-01-10 09:44
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Work site+ is a futuristic visualization of an OS workshop.
This design proposal has been developed within the context of the Mobilotoop project.

From the Mobilotoop exhibition catalogue:

'The work site+ is one´s own or a shared workshop equipped with virtual assistance. 

Like to work on your bicycle yourself, but don´t always have the necessary experience? Work site+ shows wear and tear information, building instructions and handy tips for repair or assembly. The information is projected - according to principles of augmented reality - over your modular bicycle. If this still doesn´t do the trick, you can call on the assistance of experts for a remote demonstration.'

Design team:
Peter Baeyens, Peter Defreyne, Bram Boot, Freya Van de Gaer

Picture by:
Kristof Vrancken

OS > interactive manual for Mobilotoop

on 2014-01-09 10:43
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In this video, software and the Internet are used to make production and design knowledge more accessible. The manual in this example was created on the basis of the 3D CAD model, which was also used in the engineering phase. This model can be used by documentation designers to make different types of 3D CAD user manuals. Once the 3D CAD manual is finished, it is published on a free database, ready to be downloaded. It grants the user access to complex industrial knowledge, technical drawings, LCA reports and much more. The manual can easily be downloaded onto smart phones, tablets or PCs. Its easy accessibility opens up possibilities for a more collaborative 'open' production model. The example in the video is a DIY assembly manual for toys and a bike with modular parts. It is linked to the Belgian mobility project Mobilotoop

Design team:

More info at:

OS > triangle bikes for Mobilotoop

on 2014-01-07 09:40
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OS triangle bike by Jo Van Bostraeten & Dirk Wenmakers.

Triangle bike - Cargo version by Thomas Lommée, Jo Van Bostraeten & Andrea de Chirico.

Both bikes have been developed for the Mobilotoop project.

OS > Autarkytecture

on 2013-12-10 17:30

Autarkytecture further explores the OpenStructures model on an architectural level.

Project introduction:

Instead of trying to anticipate the perfect building for a specific moment in time, the Autarkytecture project proposes flexible constructions that can adapt over time. The project calls for a built environment that is no longer the product of radical architectural theory, but one that rather builds on preceding architectural practices. Successful patterns of the past were explored and translated into guiding design principles for the future. Important inspirational books in this process were ‘A Pattern Language’ by Christopher Alexander and ‘How Buildings Learn’ by Stewart Brand.
This research is about shifting our attention from the timely towards the timeless, from how buildings look towards how they feel. It aspires to integrate the aspect of time into design and architecture and to create a built environment that can and may change, that ages gracefully and just feels right. Moreover, the flexible constructions allow for a variety of overlapping functions – such as living and working – creating, in this way, an alternative and hybrid living environment.

Design proposal by
Thomas Lommée & Christiane Hoegner

Commissioned by Z33,
Hasselt 2013

The Sketchup file of the model can be downloaded here.

Some further explorations by Maud Bausier.

OS workshop > Lissabon

on 2013-12-10 16:46
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Z33 (House for contemporary art, Belgium) in collaboration with Open Structures organized the « Temporary Structures » workshop for the The Institute Effect, one of the programs of Close, Closer, the third edition of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale (12 september – 15 december).

The main challenge was to challenge and explore Lukas Wegwerth's OS scaffolding system.

The workshop resulted into of about four days of investigation and experimentation, thinking and doing with around 20 participants, followed by a day of presentations and panel debate.

Many thanks to all participants.
And special thanks to Lukas Wegwerth and Laurens Bekemans for moderating the workshop, FabLab Lisbon for offering 'making' support, the 'Institute effect' crew for the generous hosting and to Jan Boelen for making it all happen.

OS > Sydney!

on 2013-11-16 15:01
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The OS shoes project by Eugenia Morpurgo & Juan Montero was presented and combined with Lukas Wegwerth's tent structure at Gallery Oh, Sydney from April to December 2013.