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OS > Strata series by Jan Geboers

on 2015-01-21 15:07

The Strata Series is a series of structures assembled with the Ortho system developed by Jan Geboers. Ortho is a modular structural system based on the open matrix of OpenStructures. The connecting element that makes some construction methods possible is a powerful tool with which you can create and customize different types of objects. It allows you, within the fixed idiom, to create for example furniture according to your own taste and needs ranging from the type of furniture, material, composition and dimensions to the finish of the product. 

A project by Jan Geboers.

OS > Shoe soles by Eugenia Morpurgo & Juan Montero

on 2013-05-02 16:49
Posted in: OS Spin-offs .

OS shoe soles is an OS compatible version of the 'Don't run' concept shoes by Eugenia Morpurgo & Juan Montero, in collaboration with Sophia Guggenberger.

This new OS piece comes as a double-layered, dismountable shoe sole, in which some of the connection points and parts are designed from the OS grid. 

As the whole shoe is designed for disassembly it can be easily taken apart into silicon assembly buttons, a number of perforated rubber sheets (the soles), a rope and a piece of leather. 
As most perforations are OS compatible (see red dots on the shoe sole), all of these individual components can be recombined with existing OS parts (probably after some cutting) in order to be reused in new OS objects.

For more info on the 'Don't run' concept shoe, please visit > then click further to Footmade

Designed for disassembly.

'Sewn tegether' into a pair of shoes with OpenStructures assembly point pattern.

Profile, front, back!

The shoe production itself is reduced to only a few very simple assembly steps.The use of rapid manufacturing machines, like lasercutters, within a simplified assembly process will transfer shoe production lines from factory floors to the streets. The customer, viewer or citizen will become an active participant, engaging in production and, in doing so,  playing an important role in the making of his or her own pair of shoes.

Earlier try-outs.

Alignment of the shoe sole assembly point pattern to the OS grid.

We like > Transparant Kitchen Tools by Jesse Howard

on 2012-11-11 10:48

This family of household appliances presents a near-future scenario in which users are actively involved in producing, repairing, and modifying their own products. Each appliance is constructed from 3D-printed and CNC manufactured components based on the OpenStructures design principles, standard components, and parts salvaged from existing discarded appliances.

For each appliance, a single page manual provides building instructions as well as links to download the OS compatible 3D printed and CNC milled components and sources for finding salvageable parts. In combination with the set of tools available at Fab Labs though out the world, the manuals allow the appliances to be reproduced by nearly anyone, from nearly anywhere.

The 'Transparent Kitchen Tools' project was the graduation project of Jesse Howard 
at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam (july 2012).

We like > Contraptor / Contrapteur

on 2012-04-04 15:48

Contraptor is a DIY open source construction set for experimental personal fabrication, desktop manufacturing, prototyping and bootstrapping. Various сartesian robots can be assembled from Contraptor and used as a prototyping platform for projects such as XY plotter, mini CNC machine, 3D printer etc.
Contraptor uses several developments of the Reprap project - specifically, Stepper Motor Driver
boards v1.x and Arduino GCode Interpreter.

The Contraptor site gives detailed instructions on how to make each Contraptor part using widely available raw materials and simple hand tools to drill the standardized holes.

The main project site is here:
See also:

The contraptor project is inch based. However, a European Contraptor enthousiast has converted the Contraptor grid (inch based) to a cm based grid for his creation and applied the OS grid in doing so. The conversion was baptized Contrapteur (French for Contraptor:)