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OS > Gamebox (starterskit!)

on 2015-04-22 05:57

OpenStructures as (is!) a game.

OS for the Hack/Play exhibition
at the Vlaams Cultuurhuis, De Brakke Grond - Amsterdam

From the Hack / Play website:
"Life is a party game - but who are the other players? Usually, we choose to
play with like-minded people, people like ourselves, people from within
our group. Within our group, we know the winners, the objectives and the
right thing to do. It only gets really exciting when we switch to
another group of players. In the exhibition Let's Start Playing the
Game!, artists and visitors will shake up both the form and rules of
such social games. New relationships and habits will be tried, tested
and ventured in the arena of distraction. "

Exhibition curation by Freek Lomme
Graphics (OS gameboard + gameboxes) by Yorit Kluitman.
New OS contributions by Marianne Cardon, Thomas I'Anson and Thomas Guillieux.

OpenStructures, the game:

From the game rules:
"By purchasing this box, you have joined an open society of contribution; an ongoing process of creation and reconfiguration. This game has no beginning and no end. It can be enjoyed as a single player or in group, locally or globally, anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

You can use, edit or reproduce existing designs but you can also decide to contribute new designs.
You can build something useful and/or meaningful ... or you can just spend your time tinkering about.

Your mission is to build an open modular object that contains at least one of the parts that you found in your box."

Game rules

Game board

playing / building / making
pictures + process by Thomas I'Anson

playing / building / making
pictures + process by Thomas Guillieux

OS > Milan

on 2015-03-20 13:57
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The exploration of "Rethink the modular" USM concept began with a workshop at the domain de Boisbuchet in September 2014 with "USM Masterclasses" from seven leading international design schools. Workshop results were presented at this year Milan Furniture Fair, in an event that presented a comprehensive and kaleidoscopic interpretation of modularity today.

The ENSCI - Les Ateliers Masterclass, lectured by Thomas Lommée, worked on a series of modular objects, based on the OS grid, in which each object is sharing one or multiple parts together / between each other. 

Watch all workshop results here.

"Rethink the modular" USM exhibition
Milan Furniture Fair, April 2015

Participating ENSCI - Les Ateliers students:

Maud Bausier
Celia Torvisco
Fanny Serouart
Fanny Muller
Maxime Loiseau
Antoine Giret
Céline Coq
Alexandre d’Orsetti
Florian Bédé
Sylvain Chassériaux

Other participating schools:

Parsons New School of Design (nyc, US)
ECAL, Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (lausanne, CH)
Tokyo Tech, Tokyo Institute of Technology (tokyo, JP)
HfG Karlsruhe (Germany, GER)
NABA, Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano (milan, I)

Curated by:

Tideo Von Oppeln
Burkhard Meltzer


Christoph Blaas


Giulia Stoll

A USM initiative.

OS > Autarkytecture

on 2013-12-10 18:30

Autarkytecture further explores the OpenStructures model on an architectural level.

Project introduction:

Instead of trying to anticipate the perfect building for a specific moment in time, the Autarkytecture project proposes flexible constructions that can adapt over time. The project calls for a built environment that is no longer the product of radical architectural theory, but one that rather builds on preceding architectural practices. Successful patterns of the past were explored and translated into guiding design principles for the future. Important inspirational books in this process were ‘A Pattern Language’ by Christopher Alexander and ‘How Buildings Learn’ by Stewart Brand.
This research is about shifting our attention from the timely towards the timeless, from how buildings look towards how they feel. It aspires to integrate the aspect of time into design and architecture and to create a built environment that can and may change, that ages gracefully and just feels right. Moreover, the flexible constructions allow for a variety of overlapping functions – such as living and working – creating, in this way, an alternative and hybrid living environment.

Design proposal by
Thomas Lommée & Christiane Hoegner

Commissioned by Z33,
Hasselt 2013

The Sketchup file of the model can be downloaded here.

Some further explorations by Maud Bausier.

OS > Sydney!

on 2013-11-16 16:01
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The OS shoes project by Eugenia Morpurgo & Juan Montero was presented and combined with Lukas Wegwerth's tent structure at Gallery Oh, Sydney from April to December 2013.

OS > London!

on 2013-09-10 22:25
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OS > New York!

on 2013-05-03 11:12
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Adhocracy (+ OpenStructures) is travelling to New York and will be presented as part of the Ideas City festival at the New Museum.

“ 'Adhocracy' brings together an international group of designers, practitioners, networks, and platforms responding to epochal changes and questioning the very definition of design."

OS contributions by Ricardo CarneiroTristan KoppThomas Lommee, Jo Van Boastraeten, Christiane HoegnerMarijn van der PollFabio LoreficeJeroen Maes, Artin Usta, Lukas WegwerthLucas MaassenUnfold, Marie Caillaud, Eugenia Morpurgo, Juan Montero and Jesse Howard will be shown.

Apart from that all exhibition support structures have been designed according to the OS grid as a continuation of the tablescape scenography that was developed earlieron by Christiane Hoegner for the OS exhibit in Milan)

courtesy New Museum, New York. Photo: Benoit Pailley

New York, USA
May - July, 2013

OpenStructures > Istanbul!

on 2012-11-17 04:53
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New OpenStructures explorations by Marijn Van der PollChristiane HoegnerJesse Howard, Tristan Kopp & Ricardo Carneiro, Artin Aharon and Thomas Lommée at ‘Adhocracy’.

Welcome to the age of adhocracy. As the opposite of bureaucracy, adhocracy cuts across accepted conventions and power structures to capture opportunities, self-organise and develop new and unexpected methodologies of production. It inhabits the horizontal, rhizomatic realm of the network, in which innovation—resourceful, subversive, anti-dogmatic, spontaneous—can come from anywhere.” (Joseph Grima) 

Istanbul, Turkey
October - December, 2012

OS exhibition > @ Privata Oslavia 8, Ventura Lambrate, Milan (IT)

on 2011-04-22 22:11
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Z33 – House for contemporary art and REcentre – centre for sustainable design presented ‘New Times, New Heroes’ at the design week in Milan. Through the exhibition over 20 designers and organizations connected with the OS project.

For the exhibition new OS parts and structures were designed by Johan Bruninx, Brussels Cooperation, Mieke Dierckx, Lizanne Dirkx, Ben Hagenaars, LInde Hermans, Christiane Hoegner, Pascal Koch, Sophie Lachaert, Lore Langendries, Maison Caro, Dick Van Hoff, Matt Sindall, Unfold and Rayah Wauters.


by Maison Caro

by Matt Sindall

New front part for OpenCargoBike
by Unfold

by Sophie Lachaert

by Dick Van Hoff

Ring / handle
by Lore Langendries

Heel / Cabinet leg
by Lizanne Dirkx

by Linde Hermans

First OS exhibit at the Z33 gallery in Hasselt

on 2009-11-28 20:20
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