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OS > tentbeds for Ideas City / Detroit

on 2016-07-13 11:02
Posted in: OS explorations .
A ‘template’ for cheap, easy mountable and customisable sleeping units that were developed to accomodate the Ideas City events.

design by Thomas Lommée / Intrastructures
Commissioned by Joseph Grima / the New Museum, NY.

OS > 'plumbing' by Christiane Högner & Thomas Lommée

on 2016-07-12 17:14
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'OS Plumbing' by Christiane Högner & Thomas Lommée
commissioned by Damn Magazine for the Belgian Matters exhibition in Milan.

OS > stage by Lukas Wegwerth for LUMA Arles

on 2016-07-12 16:46
13x5x4m OS stage by Lukas Wegwerth,
commissioned by the LUMA foundation in Arles, France.

pictures by Lukas Wegwerth

OS > scenography for the 'Taxonomy' exhibition at Z33

on 2015-10-15 13:25
Posted in: OS explorations .
A series of modular scenography structures for the Taxonomy exhibition at Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium.
Metal racks, archival storage, wooden tables and benches have all been designed from the OpenStructures

Exhibition design by Intrastructures.
Exhibition pictures by Kristof Vrancken.
Production by Andries Vanvynckenroye.

First prototype pictures.

OS > bar by Jonathan Karsilo for Pulsar gallery

on 2015-09-27 14:51
Posted in: OS explorations .

OS bar by Jonathan Karsilo for Antwerp's Pulsar gallery.
For his design Karsilo (downloaded and) built further on the design of the OS Work_Shop in Brussels.

pictures copyright Geert Van Hertum

OS > Gamebox (starterskit!)

on 2015-04-22 05:57

OpenStructures as (is!) a game.

OS for the Hack/Play exhibition
at the Vlaams Cultuurhuis, De Brakke Grond - Amsterdam

From the Hack / Play website:
"Life is a party game - but who are the other players? Usually, we choose to
play with like-minded people, people like ourselves, people from within
our group. Within our group, we know the winners, the objectives and the
right thing to do. It only gets really exciting when we switch to
another group of players. In the exhibition Let's Start Playing the
Game!, artists and visitors will shake up both the form and rules of
such social games. New relationships and habits will be tried, tested
and ventured in the arena of distraction. "

Exhibition curation by Freek Lomme
Graphics (OS gameboard + gameboxes) by Yorit Kluitman.
New OS contributions by Marianne Cardon, Thomas I'Anson and Thomas Guillieux.

OpenStructures, the game:

From the game rules:
"By purchasing this box, you have joined an open society of contribution; an ongoing process of creation and reconfiguration. This game has no beginning and no end. It can be enjoyed as a single player or in group, locally or globally, anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

You can use, edit or reproduce existing designs but you can also decide to contribute new designs.
You can build something useful and/or meaningful ... or you can just spend your time tinkering about.

Your mission is to build an open modular object that contains at least one of the parts that you found in your box."

Game rules

Game board

playing / building / making
pictures + process by Thomas I'Anson

playing / building / making
pictures + process by Thomas Guillieux

OS > Stools by Lukas Wegwerth

on 2015-03-23 21:19
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OS stools by Lukas Wegwerth.
Based on Lukas' scaffolding knot.

All stools were developed for the Fusion bar at Interieur Kortrijk 2014.

OS > Lampshade by Marianne Cardon

on 2015-03-21 21:25
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Half lamp shade

Half of a lamp shade, a desk lamp, a bedside lamp, a pencil holder, a hanging flowerpot...

Watch the how-to manual here!

Design by Marianne Cardon

Half lamp shade process

OS > Strata series by Jan Geboers

on 2015-01-21 15:07

The Strata Series is a series of structures assembled with the Ortho system developed by Jan Geboers. Ortho is a modular structural system based on the open matrix of OpenStructures. The connecting element that makes some construction methods possible is a powerful tool with which you can create and customize different types of objects. It allows you, within the fixed idiom, to create for example furniture according to your own taste and needs ranging from the type of furniture, material, composition and dimensions to the finish of the product. 

A project by Jan Geboers.

OS > Timelab interior by Lieven Standaert

on 2015-01-20 12:06
Posted in: OS explorations .

The new Timelab interior is entirely based on the OS grid :)!

Timelab is a hands-on workspace for creation and innovation in the city of Ghent, Belgium. Makers, thinkers, doers gather on open lab days, workshops, weekends and events.

Interior design by Lieven Standaert.